Style guide

Men’s underwear has gone through an enormous transformation these last decades. The time when men only had white Briefs lying in their underwear drawers is long gone. For every occasion there is corresponding style to match every possible taste. Get acquainted with all the divergent styles that InUndies has to offer. 

The traditional Boxer shorts are loose and wide, this is sometimes also called “loose fit”. Boxer shorts offer very little support and have long legs. The length of the legs can vary per brand and model. 
Briefs, offer good support and have no legs. Briefs may have a small or wide waist band and may be cut lower or higher. 
Boxer briefs fit close to the body, which ensures support. They always have somewhat longer legs although the length may vary per brand and model.


Trunks are Boxer briefs with shorter legs. Lengths may vary depending on the brand and model. Trunks fit closely and offer a great deal of support. Trunks are sometimes called Boxers or Boxer briefs in the vernacular.
A Bikini looks a lot like a Brief but is clearly cut much higher on the side. A Bikini offers good support.
  Thong or String
There are many types of Strings. In English, we differentiate between a String with only a band in the back and a Thong with only the tiniest piece of fabric in the back. In the Netherlands, one refers to a T model or a Y model. Both models leave the back uncovered and offer good support.


The Jock Strap looks a lot like a Brief or Bikini from the front, depending on the model. In the back, two bands run from the crotch towards the front underneath the buttocks. The gives the manly parts support but also leaves the back uncovered which eliminates irritation caused by grating stitching seams. The Jock Strap was designed in 1874 by C. F Bennett in Chicago for “bike-jockeys”, young men who delivered parcels and mail by bicycle. Later, the Jock Strap was also used in a number of other sports. 


A T-shirt always has short sleeves. The neck may be cut high or low. The models vary from “loose fit” to the more close-fitting “slim fit” to the tight-fitting “body fit”.
A V-neck shirt always has short sleeves and a V-neck. V-neck models can also vary from “loose fit” to the close-fitting “slim fit” to the tight-fitting “body fit”.

A Tank top has no sleeves and may also be called a shirt. A Tank top always has a round neck.
The Muscle tank looks like a shirt but it is cut in such a way in the back that the shoulders are exposed. Muscle tanks are often worn while working out or doing sports.